The novels in the Jomsviking series are available in several languages. Follow the links below to order from the publisher/webshop in your country:

Bestill JOMSVIKING – Vinland HER
Bestill JOMSVIKING – Danehæren HER
Bestill JOMSVIKING – Danelovs land HER

Andre bøker:
Isak: Bestill HER
Tyr-trilogien: Bestill Jotnens hjemkomst HER, Før de ni verdener styrter HER og Ragnarok HER

Dutch: Follow this link

Danish: Follow this link

Polish: Follow this link

Bulgarian: Follow this link

German: Follow this link

Swedish: Follow this link

Hungarian: Follow this link

They will also be available in the following languages as soon as the translations are finished:



If your language is not listed above, feel free to reach out to a publisher and kindly suggest they go to THIS LINK and send an email. Also, one of the subscribers to my Youtube channel has made a petition to have my novels published in English. You can sign it HERE.